Sausage and Artisnal Salami

Specialty Meats


Piper Ranch is a husbandry farmer.

All these meats are bred and born on the Piper Ranch.

The beef is 100% grass fed. The pork is grass fed and vegitarian fed. Vegitarian is 90% barly and 10% oats.

No swill, no cooked garbage, no corn, no soy, no whey.

Piper Ranch does not use chemicals, sprays or fertilizers.

Our compost is made on the farm by our animals and from our vegetables.




Natural casing, ready to eat, no nitrates added.

Kielbasa $17.95/pound
Summer Sausage $17.95/pound
Hot Dogs * Mostly Beef $9.95/pound



All salami is nitrate free. Lightly smoked.

Naturally Dried Pepperoni $17.95/pound
Pork Soppressata $22.00/pound
Hard Salami with Honey & Orange Peel
(all pork)
Dried Chorizo (hot & spicy) $22.00/pound



Snack Sticks

No nitrates

Chorizo Snack Sticks
Hot, but not hot enough to burn. These little treats take you south of the border with a deep Mexicon flavor, plus the heat.
4 pack $5
or $1.50 a piece.
Dried Italian Sausage Milder than the Chorizo but full of great Italian favor. 4 pack $5 or $1.50 a piece
Dried Polish Kielbasa
A nice mild stick garlic lovers will enjoy.
4 pack $5 or $1.50 a piece
Dried Maine "Hog in Berry" Stick Sausage needs fat to hold it together, or as we discovered, fruit!
So we took lean beef pork, added Maine-raised blueberries and a special blend of spices. Result: Hoginberry of Maine.
4 pack $5or $1.50 a piece


Sausages from Organic Grain-Fed Heritage Pigs
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Snack Sticks

Sausages from Organic Grain-Fed Heritage Pigs
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